Another tooth is out. It gets creepy.

Maxim’s third tooth came out yesterday. This time it’s from the top gum. The thrill is somewhat gone – we’ve been waiting for it for far too long, and there are still 29 or so to follow. And than we’ll go over the cycle again in a few years.

There is a difference from the previous two teeth though. And Maxim figured it out pretty fast – he can make sounds with his teeth only. He puts his teeth against each other and moves his jaw back and forth. The weirdest sound ever. Especially in the morning. It sounds like something in between a heavily blocked nose and a really old door. It took me a while to find the source…

The sweetest sound ever

My absolutely most favorite sound in the whole wide world is the sound of Maxim laughing (WAV, 60 KBytes, recorded with my mobile). Every time I hear this it feels like a Japanese cherry tree is blossoming inside me on a fast forward playback, like they show on Discovery channel.

Gladly, Maxim is laughing more and more with every day. Today both Olga and I were surprised to catch Maxim laughing while watching TV. There weren’t anything funny though – just a bunch of people and camera that was switching fast between them. I guess it reminded Maxim of a hide-and-seek game that we play with him.