How Pixar Helped Win 27 of the Last 30 Oscars for Visual Effects

The evolution of technology always amazes me. Even more so, when it can so clearly be seen within the every day life, such as household items, day-to-day activities, or, like in this particular case, movies.

Well done, Pixar! Keep it up!

rm -rf / horror stories

Someone asked Quora community to share the craziest “rm -rf /” stories.   There are quite a few good ones, including this video from Pixar about Toy Story 2 almost not happening.


The notion that you’re trying to control the proce…

The notion that you’re trying to control the process and prevent error screws things up. We all know the saying “it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission”. And everyone knows that, but I think there is a corollary: if everyone is trying to prevent error, it screws things up. It’s better to fix problems than to prevent them. And the natural tendency for managers is to try and prevent error and over plan things.

Ed Catmull