Perl 6 re-branding

Curtis “Ovid” Poe, the author of the book “Beginning Perl” and long-time Perl Monk, has this excellent post on the re-branding discussion of Perl 6.

Even though I’m not writing much Perl code these days, I have to admit that the whole Perl 6 thing has been going for years now and I’m one of those many people who were confused by it. In my opinion, Perl 6 is not a continuation of Perl 5 as a version bump (like in Python or PHP), but it is a different language. And as a different language, it should have a different name.

Of the ones mentioned in the blog post, I like the “Raku” the best. But given the negative connotation in some countries, cultures, and languages, “Camelia” seems like a better option.

Regardless of the alternative names, I want the change from “Perl 6” to anything else the sooner, the better.

Perl Monks level bumped

It’s been a while since I hanged out at Perl Monks. Today I followed some link and ended up reading a couple of articles there. I decided to check my status and discovered that I only needed 9 points to achieve the next level – pontiff. 30 daily votes were available, so I voted here and there and gained the points.

Now I am a Pontiff and need 700 points to step up to the top of the ladder – Saint.