The trolley problem

The trolley problem is an ethical and psychological thought experiment. In its most basic formulation, you’re the driver of a runaway trolley about to hit and certainly kill five people on the track ahead, but you have the option of switching to a second track at the last minute, killing only a single person. What do you do?

Kottke has some thought-provoking variations.  I’m sure this has been turned into a drinking game somewhere.

Every being in the Universe knows right from wrong

Here is one of my favorite movie moments and quotes ever.


The movie is called “K-PAX“. Lead roles are played by Jeff Bridges and Kevin Spacey. The rest of the movie is as good as the above snippet.

Vera Drake

Vera Drake (2004)I’ve heard a lot of positive feedback about “Vera Drake“. Accidentaly I’ve got my hands on a copy of this film, so I watched it.

Directed by: Mike Leigh
Genres: Drama
Cast: Imelda Staunton, Richard Graham, Eddie Marsan, Anna Keaveney, Alex Kelly, Daniel Mays, Philip Davis, Lesley Manville, Sally Hawkins, Simon Chandler, Sam Troughton, Marion Bailey, Sandra Voe, Chris O’Dowd, Adrian Scarborough
IMDB raintg: 8.0
My rating: 4.0 [rate 4.0]

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