Jin Ciao. The new food stop.

Olga and I couldn’t decide what we wanted to eat tonight. Olga was too tired to cook. I was too lazy to do so. Olga was mildly hungry, while I wanted a hot supper. We were discussing several usual options, but nothing felt appealing. So I dived my hand into the box with all delivery menus that we have and started to check them all out one by one.

Somehow I ended up holding the Jin Ciao Chinese Food menu. Jin Ciao must be the most promoted Chinese food brand in the country. They have several spots in Limassol alone. Their ads appear on television. And thier place is permanently reserved in the Municipal Garden for large events, like Limassol Annual Wine Festival.

Strangely though we never tried it. Our favourite Chinese delivery was Pagoda and our choice for Chinese food out was China Town Restaurant. We’ve also been in a couple of other Chinese restaurants, and found them pretty good, but not as good as Pagoda and the China Town.

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