New York Times on Google Buzz

New York Times runs a good story on Google Buzz.  It’s a gentle introduction into what Google Buzz is, and how it compares with some other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and FriendFeed.  If you are still trying to make sense of this whole Google Buzz thing, you should definitely read that.

As for me, I do enjoy Google Buzz quite a bit.  It removes the almost unnecessary limit of 140 characters per post, doesn’t limit me to only text, and somehow seems to connect me with just the right people.  And what’s even more important, now I get notified of the follow-ups directly in my Gmail inbox.

There are a few annoyances here and there – like seeing follow-ups in both Google Reader comments view and Gmail inbox – but I’m sure they will get sorted out eventually.  Overall, Google Buzz is a useful and simple to use service, and I already see that I tend to Google Buzz more than Twitter.