Trailer : 2012

The weather is getting weirder and more unpredictable every year.  Global warming and environment related topics get more and more coverage in the media.  And movie industry is keeping up.  First there was “The Day After Tomorrow“, and now this: 2012.


Snow in Limassol

Yesterday I observed a really weird thing – snow in Limassol.  The temperature dropped down to +2 degrees Celsius, it was very windy, and it was snowing for at least two hours.  Of course, the ground is too warm for the snow to stay, but other surfaces, like, for example, my car, were covered in snow.  That was really wicked!

In my 12 years in Limassol, I’ve seen snow like only two or three times.  Previous experiences weren’t even close to yesterday’s.  They seemed more like accidents.  But yesterday … it was snow for real.

The hailing thing


The Global Warming is definitely coming along nicely. Today we had ice cubes falling down from the sky, like we were all in a giant glass of Coca Cola. Hailing. And, while some old timers (ok, ok, not really) can remember that it was hailing down in Limassol, noone I asked could remember ice pieces of this size.

The picture above is of my hand and an ice ball that came down from the skies. One among many others. Not the biggest one. Not the smallest one. But it can give you an idea of what was going on. (Appologies for the terrible quality of the picture – it was taken with my dirty mobile phone in complete darkness.)

P.S.: My boss’s birthday. Maybe it was a sign. Happy birthday, Alex, anyway!