Snowflakes, close-up

A few years ago I posted the link to, which had a whole lot of photographs of snowflakes.  It’s time to have a fresher look at the beauty of those ice crystals up-close.  Via, I came across this Flickr collection of close-up images of snowflakes done by photographer Alexey Kljatov.


Some are extremely simplistic in structure.  The others are the opposite – incredibly complicated.  Some are by alone, all by themselves.  Yet others are in groups.  But all of them amazingly unique and beautiful.  And available in larger image sizes too.

Lots of snow

If you are in the mood for some cold weather, ice and snow, check out these pictures.  It’s amazing what mother nature can do sometimes.

My dad told me a story of a similar snow fall that he experienced once when he was a kid.  They had to dig their way out of the house and into the main street.  He said that they walked over the garden fence without even noticing it.  This sounds awesome, but I bet you blisters from the shovel will cut into the fun part of it.

Snow in Limassol

Yesterday I observed a really weird thing – snow in Limassol.  The temperature dropped down to +2 degrees Celsius, it was very windy, and it was snowing for at least two hours.  Of course, the ground is too warm for the snow to stay, but other surfaces, like, for example, my car, were covered in snow.  That was really wicked!

In my 12 years in Limassol, I’ve seen snow like only two or three times.  Previous experiences weren’t even close to yesterday’s.  They seemed more like accidents.  But yesterday … it was snow for real.