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Managing RSS subscriptions with Bloglines

While trying to convince the administrator of Cyprus Forum to add RSS feeds, I’ve wrote this rather long post that explains what is RSS, why one would want to use it, and how to use Bloglines to manage one’s RSS feeds.

Nothing new and fancy – just a simple explanation for RSS newcomers, with a screenshot of my Bloglines interface. You might find it useful. Or you might find it not. I’ll leave that up to you.

Cyprus forums

While many people can afford some sort of Internet connectivity, Cyprus Web is not overloaded with quality websites. There are a few, but things tend to stay simple and outdated. There aren’t that many people communicating onlines, as well. Except maybe for a bunch of kids in different IRC channels.

During the last couple of years, I came across only a handful of forums. I’ll link to all of them from here.

forum.russiancyprus.net – this is the Russian community online. The forum is very active, with lots of members, and threads starting daily. Sometimes the same things are discussed over and over, so it can get boring, but overall – a very nice place if you speak Russian.

rucychi.com/forum – this is another Russian community in Cyprus. Basically, the same people are talking here as in forums above. This forum appeared to keep some competition to the RussianCyprus.net, especially in the area of techonology advancements.

Gamers-Cy.com – this forum is in Greek and English. It startd off as a place to talk about computer games. Than discussions about all sorts of things started to appear and noone was objecting. There are mostly kids and teenagers talking there, so if you are a bit older, it might get boring pretty soon.

Cyprus Forum – a place that I discovered very recently. People talk about all softs of things Cyprus-related – migration, laws, politics, sports, Cyprus problem, etc. Plenty of Cypriots participate, as well as members of other nationalities, both from Cyprus and abroad. Threads are mostly in English, with occasional Greek phrases, which are kindly translated into English by dual-speaking members. It’s a nice place to hang out.

Talk Cyprus – this is much like Cyprus Forum mentioned above. In fact, it forked off Cyprus Forum when some difference of opinions on moderation arised. Less people, but the much less noise too.

If you know of any other forums where people from Cyprus talk, or where Cyprus-related issues are discussed, please let me know via comments and I will update this post.

Update: Added Talk Cyprus.