Everything has pros and cons, including such things as being sick and staying at home.  One of the benefits of such a situation is loads of time.  Being sick means you can’t really work productively or focus at length on any more or less complicated issue.  But you might just have enough brain power to watch TV series in bed.

It’s a been a while now that I’ve heard plenty of good about “Weeds“, but somehow I didn’t have the time or will to start watching yet another TV series that is on the air for several years.  Now seemed like a good time.  So I got myself all six seasons.  I got hooked from the first episode, which appeared like very light, entertaining comedy, with a pro-legalize twist to it.  What followed was way more than that.

All six seasons are done to the same level of quality, which is quite rare.  There is entertainment and fun to it.  But there are also characters that I couldn’t help but want to follow.  And there was even more than that.  Under an almost grotesque story setup, hidden is a very broad view of the drug problem in our society.  The story takes the characters through all sorts of situations, involving starting and expanding a drug business, ethics, society, legal and financial issues involved, government control, drug business relations with other crimes, corruption, and even a diverse exploration of how the problem varies between three different countries and states.  Without being too documentary or focusing too much on any specific issue, these TV episodes show how broad the problem is and how many areas it covers.

I wasn’t thinking much about all that while watching episode after episode. Maybe I was still too sick for that.  Or maybe I just didn’t have the full picture.  But once I finished with all six seasons, I can’t stop but think about it.

Despite your interest in drugs and legalization issues, I strongly recommend this show.  It is funny.  It is social.  It is about family.  It is about the current state of economy.  It is kind and considering.  And it tries to show the world from slightly different perspective without pushing a lot of agendas.   My rating is 5 out of 5.  Well done.  Can’t wait for seasons 7.