UUIDs in MySQL are really not random

Jouke Waleson points out to an interesting fact about UUIDs in MySQL, which you might have missed in the documentation:

Warning: Although UUID() values are intended to be unique, they are not necessarily unguessable or unpredictable. If unpredictability is required, UUID values should be generated some other way.

Make a note!

MySQL High Availability at GitHub

Shlomi Noach, GitHub’s Senior Infrastructure Engineer, shares some details on both the current and future high availability setup of MySQL databases at GitHub.

This is probably way too far out for most people using MySQL for their web applications.  But it does highlight the technical complexity of running high load web applications, and how some of the issues can be solved or worked around.

Pretty fascinating stuff there … 

mycli – MySQL command line client with auto-completion

mycli is a MySQL / MariaDB / Pecona database command line client with syntax highlighting and auto-completion.  Have a look at some of the screenshots and documentation for features.

Found via this StackOverflow discussion.

SOAR – SQL Optimizer And Rewriter


SOAR is an SQL Optimizer and Rewriter.  It can help analyse, optimize, and rewrite SQL queries.  Don’t get offset by the Chinese documentation as default – there is an English translation.

Here are some of the features:

  • Cross-platform support, such as Linux, Mac, and Windows
  • Support Heuristic Rules Suggestion
  • Support Complicate SQL Indexing Optimize
  • Support EXPLAIN analyze for query plan
  • Support SQL fingerprint, compress and built-in pretty print
  • Support merge multi ALTER query into one SQL
  • Support self-config rewrite rules from SQL Rewrite
  • Suggestions were written in Chinese. But SOAR also gives many tools, which can be used without understanding Chinese.

And if you are familiar with the other tools that provide similar functionality, here’s how SOAR compares to them:

Metabase – Open Source business intelligence and analytics

Metabase is an Open Source business intelligence and analytics tool.  It supports a variety of databases and services as sources for data, and provides a number of data querying and processing tools.  Have a look at the GitHub repository as well.

And if you want a few alternatives or complimenting tools, I found this list quite useful.