Nescafe vs. Grandos Express

During the last few years I seriously decreased my consumption of coffee. I used to drinks several cups a day, every day, with some coke mixed in in between. These days I drink it rarely. And mostly in the office. And mostly during my night shifts. And not more than two cups a night.

And for these last few years my brand of instant coffee was Grandos Express. I don’t even remember when, why and how I switched. But I remember that I used to drink Nescafe and than, at some point, I stopped and switched completely to Grandos Express.

Yesterday I ran out of coffee in the office and remembered about it on my way back to work, when it was late and everything was closed. I stopped by the only open kiosk on my way. They were selling only Nescafe, so I bought myself a small can.

When I made a cup of Nescafe in the office, I immediately realized why I switched to Grandos Express. Jez! Any coffee is better than Nescafe. Seriously! The smell only remotely suggest a weak relation some coffee product. The taste is horrible. And it doesn’t even look like the proper coffee – no froth (is that the right word?) what-so-ever. Yeah, I checked the expiration date and everything – all good.

It’s better to fall asleep. It’s better to drink the junk out of our office coffee machine. But I am not, under any circumstances, drinking another cup of Nescafe. Not even with the gun pointed to my head… Yuck!

First time in Starbucks

I must be in my “try that food spot” mode or something…

Today I woke up rather late for a walk with Maxim, so I was dressing in a hurry and didn’t manage to have breakfast. Since our way to park passes through Starbucks, I thought it would be a good idea to finally try some coffee and eat some sandwich. Starbucks opened a long time ago and I planned to visit it together with Olga, but she got pregnant and than started feeding Maxim, and coffee is bad for babies.

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