More on Christmas

Here is more about Christmas, since I’m still in the spirit.

One of the cool things about living in a mutlicultural environment (like Cyprus) is that you can enjoy the best of all worlds. Originally, we were celebrating only the New Year with Ded Moroz (Russian Santa Claus) being the main character of the holiday. But now we enjoy Christmas too. And we get more presents from Santa Claus and Agios Vasilis (Greek Santa Claus).

The definition of “begin good all year” can also be interpreted in different ways, which pretty much guarantees presents from at least one of the three magical Christmas grandpas…

More content is coming…

Olga was very good this year and Santa Claus gave her a camcorder for Christmas. That means that even more content will be posted to this website in the coming year. So far you had plenty of texts and loads of images with occasional audio. Video clips were rare. Now they’ll be more often. (Stay tuned for the upcoming New Year Eve filming with me performing as Santa Claus).

We’ll just need some time to study the camera and how the whole process of filming, ripping, and optimizing for web works. Any hints are more than welcome, as usual…

Merry Christmas

One of the good things I carried out of living in Cyprus is Christmas celebration. I came to realize that it’s not a religios holiday of any sort. It’s just a date for a major celebrations. Some people prefer to have family dinners, others go to pubs, yet others ignore it all together. But the scale of the holiday is so huge that the spirit is in the air, and neither you, neither me, nor anyone else can do anything about it.

To all of you who appreciate the holiday – Merry Christmas!

To all those of you who don’t – you lose!

Happy holidays either way.

The Christmas tree is up

After two week or so of preparetions, we finally installed the Christmas tree. It took me about two hours to assemble and decorate it. I was doing the manual work, while Olga was giving artistic instructions and adding stylish touches. Maxim was also very helpful by staying out of the way for the whole process.

This year we also bought some lights for the Christmas tree. Since we weren’t looking for anything special, we settled for the cheapest ones in Ermes. They turned out to be very basic – no blinking of any kind, and no colors. Just a bunch of small lights connected to a power cable. Nothing else.

At first, we were disappointed that we didn’t check what was in the package, but when everything was set – we liked it. They turned out to be really good. The tree already had too much and blicking or colors would have been overdoing it.

I’ll post some pictures later this week as I am off to the cinema today…