More thoughts on blogging

I’ve been reading lots of other people’s blogs recently. It made me think a lot about this whole subject. Here are the questions I am sleeping on currently:

  • Which is better: post rarely but with big, thoughtful, interesting posts or often with a couple of words, a quote, or a link?
  • Does the size of the post matter? Do people come to read something long and interesting or just to see some proof that you are alive?
  • Which is better: a standalone blog, like mine for example, or a collective site like and
  • Should blog authors stick to one language and/or style or use what exresses the point best?

There are pros and cons to each side. Poll won’t help here, though, so I am not making one…

Google Blog

It is already all over the web (Slashdot article), but I’ll mention it anyway – there is now a Google blog. There are only a couple of posts now, but I hope it will get on. Interesting how it gets a company that provides a service 18 month to start using it. But they are by no means alone in this behaviour. :)

…one more channel to zip through…

Blogs are the TV of the Internet. Reading them is fun, but they are not particularly challenging.

Plenty of channels to choose from though.

Miguel de Icaza’s web log

First Post!

This is the first blog entry after I’ve installed Nucleus. I am enjoying it mostly so far. Few things are not yet to my liking, but I am working on it. :)

As you might have already noticed, I’ve imported all my previous blog entries starting from October 2001(!!!). Due to the fact that my formatting was rather simplistic, most entries have posting date as their subject. This will change from now on, but I couldn’t have bothered going through all the old ones and change titles. Just a few that are on the same page.

Another great addition is the ability to add images. You can scroll down for the few I’ve made my tests with.

There are also categories for different blog entries. Currently I don’t have much, but that should also change. Movie reviews will now get thicker and better, I hope. :)

Lev’s blogging anniversary

I’ve noticed that Lev is blogging for more then a year already. And he didn’t want to do it at first. I’ve congratulated him and suggested that it’s about time he “expands” on two one-two paragraph entries with pictures. :) That should be interesting, although I somehow think he needs more persuation.