More thoughts on blogging

I’ve been reading lots of other people’s blogs recently. It made me think a lot about this whole subject. Here are the questions I am sleeping on currently:

  • Which is better: post rarely but with big, thoughtful, interesting posts or often with a couple of words, a quote, or a link?
  • Does the size of the post matter? Do people come to read something long and interesting or just to see some proof that you are alive?
  • Which is better: a standalone blog, like mine for example, or a collective site like and
  • Should blog authors stick to one language and/or style or use what exresses the point best?

There are pros and cons to each side. Poll won’t help here, though, so I am not making one…

2 thoughts on “More thoughts on blogging”

  1. Hi!
    I think, you can use your style blogging :))
    Yes, exist too much pros and cons to each side..
    For me more nice is not a long messages, with a link (maybe) with more info. Its for first two questions.
    For 3: anyway read authors, so – no matter :))
    4: use that is better for you :))

    So, clear, its only my minds.

    if you will be have a time – call me, I have one music question

  2. hi :)

    Since I come to site – I read everything, but short messages like "Hm, went to Cineplex, watched that movie – cool" is more likely to me :)
    Also, when posts are big it may make me feel a bit bored.

    Concirning the blog systems – I like standalone as this one :)

    And finally – talking about languages I would say that one language is preffered by me – english.

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