Diggnation week

I officially call this week a Diggnation week.  Not that I have anything to do with Diggnation except being a fan, but you’ll get what I mean in just a second.  First, on Monday, while shopping at Carrefour supermarket, I came across Michelob lager bottles.  Michelob is an American brewery which used to sponsor several Diggnatino episodes, and Kevin and Alex even did a tour of the brewery.   Not a particularly great beer (here in Europe we are blessed with a variety of excellent beers), but not a bad one either.

Secondly, I was waiting for a fresh episode of Diggnation to come out and give me an atmospheric reason to chuck the first bottle and enjoy the second.  And what did Diggnation do?  They came up with probably their best live show episode ever.  Episode #246 in Austin, Texas.  It started off slowly, but it turned epic with Leo Laporte streaming a live TWiT show while crowd surfing (fast forward 40 minutes or so).  And then it went even crazier with Robert Rodrigez himself showing up at the show and doing a brief interview about an upcoming Predators movie.   In the words of Alex Albrecht: “What??!!!”

P.S.: If you watched a few episodes of Diggnation and haven’t got hooked, don’t worry.  I skipped quite a bit of Diggnation history.  Until I saw them with my own two eyes back in Amsterdam.  The guys are awesome!

Me and the beer

If there is one thing that my colleagues know how to do that is how to organize a party…

Leonid and beer

P.S.: Sorry for the blurred picture, but everyone was pretty drunk by that time, including the mobile phones and digital cameras…

P.P.S.: I worked really hard to finish all of them, but that was just impossible at that stage …

Carlton Draught – The Big Ad

I don’t care that much for television. Even less I care for advertisements. And even les than that I care about advertisement on television. You can easily say that I don’t care about them at all.

But that didn’t stop me from seeing one of the funniest things that I’ve seen on TV ever – The Big Ad for Carlton Draught (It doesn’t look that as good in the tiny window as it does on a large TV screen, but at least you’ll have an idea of what I am talking about here.). That was something!

It turns out I am by far not alone. A lot of people enjoyed it. There is even a Wikipedia page for it.

(singing)It’s a big add. Expensive ad! …

FedEx sucks again

I had yet another negative experience with FedEx today.

I need to sand a small package with 6 beer glasses to Moscow, Russia. I wanted them to be delivered fast and for delivery to be paid by the recepient. I wasn’t sure that FedEx could provide me with the service so I passed by their office a couple of days ago and asked if they could do it.

After I spent about 20 minutes explaining to the clerk what it was exactly that I wanted, she told me that there shouldn’t be any problem. The only thing she wasn’t sure was the taxes that Russian customs office would ask to pay. I said that those shouldn’t be much as the package itself is a gift and has a very low value of about 15 CYP.

I also asked if FedEx could provide me with any form of packaging as I wasn’t sure that I could pack the glass appropriately myself. FedEx doesn’t do packaging, which looked a bit stupid to me, but who am I to judge.

I found the proper packaing myself and came with the box today expecting it to be sent. There was a different clerk in the office this time. I explained again what I wanted. 10 minutes later she confirmed with the headquarters that fragile items in general and glass in particular are not accepted by FedEx.

I stood there for three minutes with the WTF expression on my face and then left. Shocked. Was it so difficult to tell it to me the first time? I mean, I made myself clear at all times that I am about to send some fragile items. What are they thinking over there? And why not take it? What is so different with fragile items? All you have to do to deliver them properly is to not throw them hard on the floor. Putting fragile packages on top of the baggage heap is not even as important.

I don’t know… This doesn’t feel right…