Where can I find schedule for K-Cineplex cinema in Cyprus?

“schedule of k-cineplex cyprus”

Schedule for K-Cineplex cinemas can be found at K-Cineplex website. If you don’t have Macromedia Flash plugin and cannot go around their stupid flash intro, then you can go directly to schedule page with this link. You can also get schedules via SMS as I have described in this post.

How can I configure Vim for Perl programming?

“vim embperl”
“vim for programming”
“perl indent vim”
“vim ide”
“vimrc syntax pl tab”
“autocmd perl vim”
“.vimrc color perl”

I have put most of my knowledge on this matter into something I call “Vim for Perl developers“. Read it – it has all the answers for you. :)

Where can I find more information about Agia Napa, Cyprus?

“www agianapa”

Well, Agia Napa is one of those few cities in Cyprus, which lives only during summer time when it’s full of tourists. There is nothing much in there except a waterpark, carts, hotels/motels, discos, bars and pubs. It is well known for it’s night life and sandy beaches. You ended up here most probably because your search engine found few pictures of me and my friends in Agia Napa’s waterpark, which is very not bad, I must say. That’s about all I can tell you about Agia Napa. Now you’ll have to hit ‘Back’ button and go to that search engine results again. :)

How can I see a list of all installed RPMs on my system?

“rpm listing installed rpms”
“list all installed rpms”
“list installed packages rpm”

Viewing a list of all installed RPMs on a system is as simple as typing in rpm -qa . Most probably, you’ll want to see the resulting list alphabetically sorted. You can do that by typing rpm -qa | sort into your terminal.