Killer … snails!

Giant African land snail

Slashdot reports the next invasion of species.  It’s in Florida for now, and these aren’t too fast or extremely vicious creates, but still … I do understand how uncomfortable and damaging this might be to people who are affected, but never-the-less one has to admit that it’s pretty funny.  If you do have enough of sense of humor to laugh about it, go read some Slashdot comments to the story.  I was literally laughing out loud.  If you prefer your humor in a video source, here is one.



Most people, yours truly included, living in these days in the cities, are completely disconnected from the earthly things.  Younger generations don’t know how to grow crops, how big a cow is, or how milk or egg comes to be.  And while I am personally not a big fan of all things agriculture, I do realize the importance of species being connected to their natural environment.  And cities are not our natural environment, even if it might really seem so.

Big Picture blog does a nice coverage of harvesting – people, scenery, and machinery.  Even though it’s not a reconnect with nature, it is still a good reminder of where things that we eat and drink every day come from.