How much do you hate my automatic daily digests?

I am using Twitter as my social networks glue.  It accumulates most of my online activity.  And since searching or browsing through Twitter archives really sucks, I’m dumping a daily digest into the blog post automatically.  I’ve heard a few annoyed responses to those digests from a few of the dear followers of this blog.  So with this poll, I’m trying to see how annoying those digests really are.

Which game will you buy next?

The summer is over and the time for big game releases is coming soon.  Coupled with the upcoming Christmas holidays and long, dark, winter evenings, it is a good time to think of the next game you will buy for you Playstation, Xbox or PC.  Given that you won’t probably limit yourself to the only title, I want to see which game is your priority.  Feel free to use comments for sharing your reasons and other games that haven’t made the poll.