How much do you hate my automatic daily digests?

I am using Twitter as my social networks glue.  It accumulates most of my online activity.  And since searching or browsing through Twitter archives really sucks, I’m dumping a daily digest into the blog post automatically.  I’ve heard a few annoyed responses to those digests from a few of the dear followers of this blog.  So with this poll, I’m trying to see how annoying those digests really are.

5 thoughts on “How much do you hate my automatic daily digests?”

    1. Hey Chrys, thanks for voting – always appreciated! :)

      I am trying a compromise solution now – weekly digests. The daily ones are too much indeed, especially when I don’t blog too often. But switching them completely means that a lot of my online activity will get lost in Twitter archives … Given how bad their search is, I really like having everything dumped back into the blog at least…

      Hope it won’t be too annoying now. :)

      1. How about this? Create a category for your tweets and add some code so that the posts of this category do not appear in the front page!
        This way all your tweets will be in a category that only ou can see :)

        1. I would have done it years ago if the plugin that I use supported it. :)

          I use Twitter Tools to both send tweets about my new posts and aggregate tweets back into daily/weekly posts. I don’t see any category thing for the digest in the settings. Maybe I need another plugin … :)

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