Today I’ve made yet another attempt to ease the use of my photographic material. This time around it was JAlbum. Alexander Avanesov recommended to try it so I thought ‘What the hell?’ :)

It turned out to be a bit more difficult to install then I would expect from a so much boasted Java platform independance. Finally it turned out that documentation should be read twice or more before the installation procedure is started. Thankfully, we’ve got a somewhat Java guru in the office, so he helped me a bit. :)

The software is free, but the only thing which is open about it is the API. Yup, no sources. Program seems to be very well supported. There is a FAQ list on the site, link to the forums with a bunch of questions and answers, and few resources from the ‘Extras’ category.

Few customizations were done to the BluPlusPlus theme, extensive documentation reading, and few album regenerations. More might be reported later on. :)


Today we wanted to go to Paphos, but failed. Instead I went for a walk to Kalavasos area. Nice places over there. I’ve made a lot of pictures. Unfortunately, I haven’t noticed that the lense was dusty until after I’ve got home. A whole bunch of photos ended up sorted out for the postprocessing in Gimp sometime in the future. The rest of them were posted here in the “Photos” section. Enjoy.

Trip to Trodos

Saturday – the adventure day. Today we went to mountains to see Troditissia monastery and have a meal at Fini tavern. Mountains met us with a heavy snowfall. Flakes were so huge that everyone demanded that we stop and photograph them. :)
The road to the monastery was slippery and dangerous due to a deadly mix of bad tarmac, mud, gravel, water, and snow. Max speed was like 20 km/h. :)
The monastery looked nice on the outside, but tourists (read: we) were not allowed inside. Maybe it’s just a wrong season. Whatever…
Fini tavern and steak “Shato Brean” was excellent as usual. :) Wine was also good. Short walk around Fini village after the meal and a failed attempt to find a trail to Handara waterfalls.
On the way back to Limassol we stopped at Kouris dam. Loads of water! Actually we saw a small church standing in the middle of the water. That’s a real photo opportunity that I tried to exploit as much as I could. The results are here.
In the evening, I went to housewarming party at Alex Yudichev’s place. Lots of people, beer, and talks. Nice time overall. :)

Vladimir’s Final Year Project

Final Year ProjectEvent of the year – Hazard is presenting his final year project. The topic is rather original: “Self-Learning Proxy ARP+IP Routing as a Technology for Bridging Through Wireless Networks”.

Presentation went very fast and smooth, but demonstration was a bit problematic. Due to some strange error nothing worked. About 15 minute troubleshooting session fixed everything and demo was shown to everyone interested. I’ve been taking lots of pictures during this troubleshooting and ended up with a lot of similar images. I’ll have something to play with in GIMP. :)

Russian restaurant for lunch to celebrate an ‘A’ for FYP, then back to work. :)

Photo session

I couldn’t sleep in the morning for some reason, so I went out for a 4 hour photo session. For those who think that it is my normal behavior, I should mention that it is not. Especially considering the fact that there was a heavy rain, cold wind, thunders and lightnings, etc.

Finally, I’ve got completely wet and cold, but couldn’t make any nice pictures. Actually, I’ve made lots of shots, but only few of them are worth a look. I’ll publish those some day in the Photo section of the site.