Third Amateur Song Festival is coming

FestivalLike I promised, I’m letting you know as soon as I learned myself. Third Amateur Song Festival is coming. It will be held on 30th of October 2004 (yes, in a couple of weeks) in Kakomalis (same place as before). Organizers and volunteers will be there around 15:00-16:00. Everyone can join. The song festival itself will start around 18:00-18:30.

I am surely planning to go. I’ll have to see how many people will want to come with me and how many will fit in the car. If you want to go and lack transportation, please let me know as soon as possible and I’ll help you to arrange something.

If you want to follow the news and read Russian by any chance, than here is the thread at Russian Cyprus Forums.

Posts in my blog about previous events of this festival are here and here.

10 worst album covers of all time

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With the flood of music in recent years, it is good sometimes to slow down, sit and remember what it used to be before. And, although, most grandpas say it was much better, some people are can remember it otherwise.

10 worst album covers of all time” – is an excellent article which presents 10 scans of LP album covers. There are some really wierd things there. And it is hilarious. :)

Vladimir Vysotsky translated

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It is not a secret that it is almost impossible to translate anything more complex then ‘Hello’ from one language to another. Translating poems is often considered to be the most difficult tasks. That is, probably, why we don’t see good translations of poems so often.

Today I came across a few excellent translations (here and here) of Vladimir Vysotsky songs and poems that were done by Andrey Kneller.

Metallica S&M [Live]

I’ve finally got my hands on a couple of CDs with Metallica’s S & M, which they recorded live together with San Francisco symphony orchestra conducted by Michael Kamen. After listening to less then half of the first disk I had a terrible regret that I didn’t get this masterpiece earlier. Maybe I am too emotionally attached to Metallica songs or maybe this recordings are really that good, but my head was blown off few times. :)

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The School of Rock

Went to see “The School of Rock” in the movies. This is above good film. Actually, I cannot remember any other film about rock or rock-and-roll that was this good. Even for a general comedy this film was too good. The main character is played by Jack Black, who is one of the vocalists in the band called “Tencious D”. I’d say he knows about rock from the first hands.

On one side the movie is pretty muh regular and naive. The fraud teacher comes to the high class school to earn some money, but ends up playing some rock music together with students. On the other side, the movie is full of energy, rock spirit, and very excellent music. Soundtrack has all time favourites such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, The Doors, Jimmy Hendrix, The Who, and whoever you can remember making impact on rock music.

This movie also while being lots of fun touches on some serious issues, like MTV screwing up the rock music, drugs and rock-and-roll, authoritive certification, children’s psychology, etc. It reminds the viewer in the nice way that rock-and-roll is not about getting wasted/loaded/high and it is not about making lots of money, but about something deeper.

I would recommend this movie to anyone who is, was, or is about to be interested in rock music, it’s history, and it’s atmosphere. It is very entertaining and funny at the very least. :)