StackOverflow: Developer Survey Results 2019

This year’s results for StackOverflow Developer Survey are in. This is probably the largest survey of IT professionals, with nearly 90,000 participating this year.

As always, there are plenty of insightful findings and correlations in the results. But one that I was somewhat glad to see was the attitude towards Blockchain technology.

While the mainstream media continues to confuse Blockchain with cryptocurrencies, technical people do understand the difference. And the majority (29.2% + 26.2% = 55.4%) of the survey respondents think it is useful for a variety of things outside of the cryptocurrency.

And with all the hype around cryptocurrencies and Blockchain, the majority of the organizations are not working with the technology just yet. Furthermore, of those that do work with Blockchain, the majority is NOT using it for the cryptocurrency.

That is pretty close to my mental picture of what’s going on.

2 thoughts on “StackOverflow: Developer Survey Results 2019”

  1. I’d been so tempted to take up a blockchain course glad I hadn’t wasted my time :))

    simply amazing Leonid…

    I was browsing through wiki and came across Michael Gorbachev… I remember having seen him in the news when I was young though I hadn’t really listened much… but went through the wiki page and was amazed to see he had been so influential in world peace (though critics say he’d ironically hadn’t stopped the Soviet collapse though – there were probably other reasons, it doesn’t seem to make sense to blame it on him)

    I was just thinking if I knew one person from that area of the world and you came to mind… after a long time I visited your blogsite, and was amazed to see you were reading the SO Developer survey results, same thing that I’d been reading as well when it came out recently… :))

  2. though I had gone through some basics short courses and articles though – had definitely looked quite promising. Working on good old Java and devops.

    As for learning something new, I might explore kotlin, and a bit more advanced python.

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