wpplugincheck – in-depth reviews of WordPress plugins

My WordPress radar noticed a new website – wpplugincheck.  This website provides in-depth reviews of WordPress plugins.  I’ve checked a few of those and they seem solid – honest and to the point.

There’s a gadzillion of websites online that review WordPress plugins (occasionally including even my own blog), but most of those either get too commercial with sponsored posts, or turn into collections of “5 best of this” and “7 awesome of this”.  I hope the site continues and gets into a routine of publishing reviews of the new and updated plugins, especially focusing on the areas where there are a lot of choices, or not enough.

2 thoughts on “wpplugincheck – in-depth reviews of WordPress plugins”

  1. Hey author of wpplugincheck here!
    You’re spot on about thrash plugin reviews out there. This is what drove me to create a dedicated review website for WordPress plugins.
    Recently I introduced a technical report for the plugins where I list out technical metrics like lines of code, cyclomatic complexity, custom database tables created, etc. Check it out when you get some time.

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