WordPress plugin : Threads

I just came across Alex King’s announcement of his new plugin – Threads:

I’ve just released an initial beta of Threads, a WordPress plugin I’ve been working on for about a year. The idea is simple: show posts that comprise a single overall story/topic in a timeline. Then link to that timeline from the posts so that your readers have a chance to get more historical context about a post without you having to link back to 20 previous posts.

This sounds like an excellent idea.  Some of things that I see it being used for are event coverage posts and live blogging.  There are, of course, already plugins for WordPress to  Organize Series of posts, and to do Live Blogging.  But they each have their limitations.   Live blogging posts easily get huge.   And series do have a navigational nightmare about them.  It looks like Threads plugin aims to address those issues.

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