The tour of International Space Station

This is so cool!  We’ve all seen bits and pieces of space stuff in TV reports.  But this is something else – a complete and through tour of the whole thing.  Well, maybe not complete, as there might be a few places that a webcam is not allowed.  While watching this, I kept thinking of two things.

The first is that there is way more space up there on ISS than I ever thought there was.  There is a possibility that my perception was mostly shaped by videos from the Russian modules, which do seem to be a bit less spacious.

The second is that it’s amazing how the whole secrecy has changed with ISS.  The top of the top technologists and scientists from different countries work together, experiment together, and discover together.  Again, I’m pretty sure there are still plenty of secrets, but there has been a huge progress, I think.

And now that you are done with the video, just pause for the second and think of all the things, all the people, all the technology that had to come through for this even to happen.  Given that space stations don’t grow on trees naturally, but are a product of human genius, I can’t be anything but absolutely amazed by it.

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