Kitchen monster

We have a new kitchen monster. It makes scary sounds and generates clouds of steam. It is comfortable with connecting deadly components, such as water and electricity. It smells. A lot. And that smell forces us to run, run as fast as we can…

…towards kitchen. To get a fresh cup of filtered coffee.

Yes, we bought a filtered coffee machine. I couldn’t resist the habit of drinking tasty coffee at home, after I’ve been addicted to it in the office, Starbucks, and even at some of my friend’s. Instant coffee just doesn’t cut it anymore, and Cyprus coffee is too tedious to make.

I know that filtered coffee is as bad for me as unfiltered, but I just can’t resist the temptation of hot, tasty, aromatic energy fix. That’s beyond my will power…

9 thoughts on “Kitchen monster”

  1. I’m lucky I never got hooked on THAT particular jones – however, I AM a CocaCola / Mt Dew addict. A friend jokingly called ‘The Elixir of Life’ after watching me take my first sip one morning.

    Sugar and Caffeine, breakfast of CHAMPIONS!

  2. Alexey,

    Thanks for the link. Yeah, I saw similar devices in the store, but they are indeed a tiny bit more expensive (150 CYP instead of 20 CYP), and way too complicated for such a simple person as yours truly. I am still terrified by the complexity of the device that I bought. Those expensive machines would force me into a three month coma research. :)

  3. You r lucky man, man :) I bought my cofeeVARKA a year ago and already got used to it. It is really greate to be excited by something, no matter what’s the bullshit it is :)

  4. Dimonf,

    you sound like a man who’s not excited by anything anymore… Something tells me that’s not so. :)

    But you are right, I’m easily excited. Especially by gadgets and anything that deals with coffee. Gadgets that deal with coffee are at the top of my excitement list. :)

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