The digests are gone

Back a few month ago I ran the poll on how much you guys hate my automated digests – daily posts that were aggregating my Twitter activity (which in turn was aggregating all my other online activity).  And you guys clearly voted that you hated the digests so much.  I heard you loud and clear.  Since then, the digests were switched into the weekly mode, where they weren’t as annoying anymore.

Today, I am giving you more good news – I have completely disabled them.  As I mentioned previously, my new blog theme now supports custom post types, such as status updates, quotes, videos, images, and links.  I am using these post types now to publish directly on the blog, and then push content to Twitter and Facebook.  Because of this, there is pretty much no other activity on my Twitter (except a few replies and re-tweets here and there).  And thus, Twitter digests became obsolete.  This one is the last one I’ll have.  Until something changes again …

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Crowd Favorite for their awesome Twitter Tools plugins, which I am now disabling in favor of Crowd Favorite’s WordPress theme and Social 2.5 plugin.

Weekly digest – 2012-07-29

Every time I tell people that I prefer cold, windy…

Every time I tell people that I prefer cold, windy, rainy weather, they laugh at me, telling me that I’ve picked the wrong country to live in.  Well maybe.  But then they say how weird I am, and how summer is so awesome.  How they love the sun and the beach.  Well, I hope you all are enjoying it then.  While I sit inside, under the air condition turned on to full power.