Why you shouldn’t write off Google+ just yet

Why you shouldn’t write off Google+ just yet

I do agree with this bit:

Google+ is technically better than its rivals in a number of key ways. The user interface is comfortable and friendly. It’s easy to maintain circles of contacts, and to segregate what you share with each group. Discussions of small-to-medium sizes are manageable and readable — even in real time. Facebook wins when it comes to the open graph and app ecosystem, but a lot of people don’t care about that stuff.

And I’ve also seen the same as this:

For me, however, it’s all about engagement. When I share something on Google+, I get an interesting discussion — replies from friends long lost. The discussions are far more cohesive than Twitter’s 140-character, scatter-shot approach. And they are more far flung than what I get on Facebook

And something that I didn’t know is that Google employees’ bonuses are related to their projects’ success on Google+.

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  1. Using it more actually – far more interesting than facebook. Really like the blog redesign, hope it results in better engagement too for you.

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