The new – a Delicious déjà vu is a famous and widely used URL shortening service.  Or at least it used to be until a few days ago, when a new was introduced.  I managed to miss the announcement, so it was only today that I saw it.  Being a fan of (almost) all new and shiny, I looked around.  And within seconds I had this strong feeling of déjà vu.  And this time I didn’t even have to think hard to guess where I saw this before.  The answer was obvious and it was staring at me – the good old Delicious, social bookmarking service.

From a simple URL shortening service with popular API and some stats on clicks, is transforming into a social bookmarking service.  Here are just a few things that stood out for me:

  • More and more ways to add bookmarks – browser addons, mobile applications, etc.
  • Social aspect of bookmarking – now integrates Twitter and Facebook friend’s public bookmarks into your network stream.
  • Bundles – I think that’s one of the major differences between a URL shortening service and a bookmarking service.  With URL shortening there is no need (or it is really small) of organizing URLs – you can always just shorten it again.  With bookmarks some sort of organization is a must.
  • Bookmark notes – these are pretty much identical to those of Delicious.

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