Day in brief – 2011-12-23

  • GitHub: mamchenkov pushed to master at mamchenkov/CheeseCake #
  • @vsemenova With Google Health being discontinued from the January 1st, 2012, that's a particularly interesting trend to watch. #
  • Dear @twitter! Thank you for the Bootstrap. I finished a prototype in a few hours and will catch some sleep now. Had no hope before. #
  • @jujav4ik My #KDE needs a logout to pickup a plugged in monitor. #Gnome does it on the fly. Weird. #
  • @jujav4ik I suspend #KDE at home, with no external monitor. Bring laptop to work. Plug monitor in. Resume. No monitor recognized. Re-login. #
  • @vsemenova Agreed. I think it's also very demanding legally. #
  • If you have 3,5 million Euros to spend, you can buy Petit Palais Hotel in Platres, Cyprus. #
  • I'm getting mixed signals here. If all these women don't want to have sex with me then why they keep talking to me? #confused #
  • It's weird in our office today. Last working day before Christmas. Everyone knows it. But nobody wants to talk about it. #FightClub like. #
  • New note : Twine : Listen to your world, talk to the Internet by Supermechanical — Kickstarter #
  • Smartphone won't make you smarter. Unless you are smart enough already to use a smartphone. #
  • Back when I started with @foursquare I had to tweet my checkins for social benefits. Now so many ppl use it that all I'm getting is oustings #
  • You can't play chess with only white figures. That's racist and inconvinient. #
  • @timdetone spoiling the surprise on Twitter, eh? #
  • Krombacher beer #
  • @timdetone lol #
  • @lufandever надо срочно нарожать детей :-) #

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