Holy Shopping Crusade continues

Olga and I continued our Holy Shopping Crusade today. I am already thinking in Alexander turms: “By the time he was 25 he bought all the known world…”. We’ve got most of the major stuff so far.

3 pairs of nice wooden chairs to fit our dining-table that will arrive next Tuesday were purchased from Elias Christodoulou furniture shop. These are very comfortable, with a large dark brown leather seat, came at 35 CYP a piece. All of them were delivered about 30 minutes after they were bought. Now we have 6 chairs all over the place and no table. Looks strange. But not for long. Not for long.

“Jumbo” provided us with the child’s bed (lightly brown wood, 80 CYP) and mattress to fit the bed (20 CYP).

Than we proceeded to CXC Toys shop and bought a mideum-sized wooden dresser. This one has few drawers for clothes, and, most importantly, a changing table and child’s bath attached to the top. Both changing table and bath are removable. We intend to get rid of them when our son will grow up a bit, so that he will have a normal dresser for his stuff. This piece came from 120 CYP and will be delivered Monday morning.

These are all for the moment. Now we have only two major purchases left: Washing machine to replace our wierdly broken one, and repainting of the kid’s room. All walls and ceiling will be painted after the holidays. I have already agreed with one of the guys to come and check out the current state next week. We’ll see how it goes.

By now, both Olga and I had sufficiently calmed out about all baby business. At least we have all the vital and important stuff purchased.

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