TEDxNicosia photos are online

When I went to TEDxNicosia event last month, I forgot to take my camera.  I was a bit sad to miss such an opportunity.  But during the talks I caught myself thinking that it’s probably for the better that I didn’t have the camera with me.  The talks were so interesting and engaging that I would either forget to take more pictures or miss parts of the talks while making shots.  And then again, sitting in the middle of the row it wouldn’t be too easy to move around.  And we all know how boring are the picture taken from the same place.

Anyway, now all my thoughts are put to rest.  As I mentioned before, TEDxNicosia was very well organized.  And part of that organization was arranging for an excellent photographer – Andri Josef.   I remember seeing Andri all over the place during the event – next to the stage, on the floor, in the cafeteria, and always behind the camera.  She must have taken a gadzillion images during that day!  Now, you can have a look at some of them in TEDxNicosia Gallery, covering the speakers, the venue, the organizers, the attendees, and more.   Here is a check-in image of Michael and me.  We just got our badges, heading for the coffee.



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