We have a little tradition in the office where I work now.  We call the last working day of the week – Friday.  It doesn’t really matter which day of the week it is really. If there are some public holidays ahead, then, even Wednesday can be a perfect Friday.  Sometimes we refer to such Friday as an Early Friday.

A good example of this is today.  Even though the calendar on every electronic device around me says “Thursday”, my colleagues are walking around with smiles on their faces.  “It’s Friday finally”, they say.  That is because tomorrow the Republic of Cyprus joins Greek in celebrations of the Ohi Day.  It is a public holiday which usually also features a military parade.

Interestingly, we don’t have a similar tradition for Late Monday.  Even though it would be logical to call the first working day of the week Monday, we don’t.  I think that is because Mondays are special.  They are tough and ugly and nobody likes them.  Calling another day of the week Monday is an insult.  Whereas calling another day of the week a Friday is a compliment.

With that, happy Early Friday to all of you guys!

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