New day, new server

As you might have noticed, all sites that I was hosting had a bunch of problems recently.  Mostly, they were very slow.  I’ve spent some time tracing the issue with the technical support of my hosting company, but we were unable to pinpoint what was the exact issue.  The slow downs were coming and leaving randomly, they were not limited to any specific website or browser or network or time of the day.

Finally, I decided that enough was enough and that something has to be done.  So I arranged for another hosting.  For the last couple of days I’ve been moving the websites to the new home and now I am almost done.  As you can, hopefully, see, the new place is quite a difference.   Everything is flying fast and I have plenty resources still.

The works aren’t completely finished yet, but most of the stuff is moved and the dust should be settling now.  If you notice something that still misbehaves, please let me know and I’ll jump on it.

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