Day in brief – 2011-09-26

  • I favorited a @YouTube video Harry Potter Meets Metal #
  • I favorited a @YouTube video Richard Resnick: Welcome to the genomic revolution #
  • New note : 50 Free Resources That Will Improve Your Writing Skills – Smashing Magazine #
  • New note : The Startup Entrepreneur's Guide To Risk Management #
  • @savvides Even if someone have done it, you should still do your own. It will be different. And it will be yours. :) #
  • @savvides Google was a latecomer to the web search party. But they did it anyway, and most people are glad about that. :) #
  • @kushakov интересно, на толстых мальчишек тоже распространяется? :) #
  • @photomatt This is the smallest portion of trout I've seen in my life. Kid's fish fingers have more fish than that. :) #
  • Power cut in the office. Running off a generator. #limassol #cyprus #
  • Power is back. I wonder if that will be a regular thing now of it was a once off. #limassol #cyprus #
  • @lufandever weird choice of a picture for condom packaging. :-) #

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