There are plenty of holy wars on the web that argue about superiority of PHP over Perl and vice versa. There are many people who prefer PHP, and there are many others who prefer Perl. I am, of course, in the Perl camp. I have programmed both Perl and PHP over some time, and there is no doubt in my head that Perl is way better than PHP as a language. The only point that I like about PHP is the how mod_php works. mod_php is a PHP module for Apache web server, for those who don’t know.

Anyway, back to the subject. I came across an excellent document titled “PHP IN CONTRAST TO PERL“. It summarizes the benefits of Perl compared to PHP nicely and clearly. It also links to a number of other resources on the subject, as well as provides the summary of those resources. Really neat paper and a must read for anyone who has or will have to deal with Perl and/or PHP.

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