Day in brief

  • If it was up to me,I'd paint the whole world in black and white,and got rid of all shapes except squares.That's how much of a designer I am. #
  • If you use MS Internet Explorer, most web developers don't actually care about your experience. Because you don't care about theirs. #
  • Shared: Akismet: 20 Billion Served #
  • Shared: Silver lining to Cyprus clouds #
  • Shared: Being in EU costing us each €18 a year #
  • I favorited a YouTube video — TEBAATUSASULA.flv #
  • It seems I'm getting a new habit into my fingers. I run 'git status || git init' almost as often as I change directory (cd). #
  • I favorited a YouTube video — Алюминиевые огурцы – Камерный хор Смольного собора #
  • Remind me later to tell you about the importance of Power Rangers. #

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