More social, less social

I just wanted to let you all know about the latest changes to this site.

Firstly, I removed the Latest Twits widget from the sidebar.  Somehow I am not using Twitter all that much lately.  I still love the service, but I have two problems with it.  Actually, it’s one, but I feel it in two separate ways.  Firstly, I still don’t have a good Twitter client application.   Not on my mobile, and not on my desktop.  I tried a billion of them, and I am yet to find one that suits me.  Without a proper client, I tend to forget to tweet, read other tweets, and respond.  Too bad.   Second problem is that I am annoyed by all the links that are posted in tweets these days.  Sometimes I just want to get the statuses only, to see how my friends are doing and what they are up to.  Instead I get a billion links, which I need to click, check, and follow.  As I said, I wish I could filter them out in my Twitter client, for those times when I have more time and better Internet connection.  The blog will still send the “new blog post” tweets to Twitter though, and I am still trying my best to use the service.  It’s just that judging by all the updates I do, the sidebar space can be used better.

Secondly, I added Google Reader shared items to the sidebar.  Google Reader is the application I use a lot!  And I share quite a bit of stuff.  Too bad it often goes unnoticed.  Sharing those links and articles via sidebar might give an extra bit of attention to those things that I think deserve it.  Just in case you are wondering which plugin I used – it’s Google Reader Widget by James Wilson.

Thirdly, I added some social network buttons in the upper-right corner of the website.  These are links to some of my other online profiles and also and easy way to bookmark, share, and promote either the whole website or a specific page that you liked.  The plugin that I used for this functionality is Fixed Social Buttons by Ioane.

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