Daily tweets

  • I got a SPAM message. And I’m clicking on a link from that message. I must be getting old or something… #
  • playing around with last.fm … #
  • last.fm web interface is confusing beyond control… I probably have to use some software to get around it. #
  • Amarok integrates nicely with Last.fm . Cool. No web interface for me. At least until I have some time to figure it out. #
  • Now this is something I was afraid of – Amarok brings you the lyrics of the current song. Can I ever stop watching it now? #
  • @alex_mamchenkov: and why would I want to do that? :) #
  • Actually, social network and automation make a lot of sense for music. People do it a lot and on the background. Have to think more about it #
  • Either I don’t have a lot of music on my laptop, or Amarok has a problem with random too (see my latest blog post). #
  • Music to my ears… I can’t do anything… I’m dancing inside, shaking head and smiling widely on the outside. Not a productive day :) #
  • I need more music… I need more space… I need… Aaa.. Roooots.. bloody roots… rooots.. blooody rooots.. :) #
  • A bug in Amarok – I was listening to JBO, then skipped to the next song – Sepultura+Pavaroti "roots bloody roots". On last.fm it’s by JBO.. #

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