Back from the party land

I’m back from the party land.  This was, no doubt, the longest and heaviest birthday celebration that I ever had.  I’ve been going from drunk to wasted for a whole week, and got to the stage where my body does not accept alcohol any more.  Not even a beer.  I need a break for a week or so.

Big thanks to everyone who sent warm wishes, presents, and money, who called and came, who thought, and so on and so forth.  I think there were well over a hundred people who congratulated me this time.  I can’t tell you how awesome it makes me feel!

And of course with so many good things coming my way, there were some really special presents.  Just to name a few:

  • Fallout3 and Gran Turismo video games for PlayStation3.  I tried both of them already and they are excellent.   Fallout3 will have me exploring its world for many months to come.  Gran Turismo is faster than that – I already completed all events in category C and B, started with Category A, and got myself my first Ferrari.  There are many excellent cars to drive, tracks to try, and I haven’t even got into online races.  Hours and days of my life will be spent staring at the TV.
  • “The Mummy” and “The Mummy Returns” Blu-ray disks.  These are my first blu-rays to both own and watch.  I was expecting something out of a blu-ray experience, but I never expected what I got.  It is absolutely stunning!  I think I finally got all the bits of the setup in order – PlayStaytion3 blu-ray player, 32-inch Sony Bravia HD TV, and an HDMI cable to connect them.  The results are mind blowing.  It’s crisp and clear and colourful and almost 3D-like and makes me want to never ever watch another DVD again.
  • Kwak beer set.  And the best part of it – two traditional Kwak glasses and a wooden glass holder.  This is something that I always wanted to have, but would probably never bought for myself.  In a few days, when my body clears all the traces of last week’s alcohol consumption, I will enjoy a glass of Kwak at home.  And now I can do it with a friend too.

There were, of course, more awesome presents, but the idea here is not to list all of them, but to show off the amazing people that I am surrounded with.  Thank you all once again – it was a blast!

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