Fighting Adobe AIR on Fedora 12

Until now I was completely and totally ignoring Adobe AIR.  As far as I was concerned, it existed in a separate universe.  But recently, quite a few Adobe AIR applications started to come up on my radar that I wanted to try.  Yesterday, for example, I saw the Flickrroom, which sounds exactly like something that I need.  So, I searched yum repositories, and then Google, and then I found this blog post, which provides clear instructions on how to install Adobe AIR on Fedora Linux.  Followed everything to a step, and failed.  Then Googled for more, tried, and failed.  And no matter what I do, it seems to fail miserably.

Adobe AIR in Gnome menu

As far as I can judge, Adobe AIR is installed on my system.  I see two items in the main menu and they even work when I run them.  But when I try to install any Adobe AIR application, I get a well known error message.

$ Adobe\ AIR\ Application\ Installer /home/leonid/Desktop/Flickroom.air
Application crashed with an unhandled SIGSEGVCrashlog has been dumped in /tmp/airCrashLogs/0219_1359_vG6AfW

This seems to indicate that I missing some dependency on my system, but I can’t which one. I’ve installed and updated everything that I could find a reference to.  I’ve also looked through the crash dump for any hints, but nothing jumped at me.

Any ideas?

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