Lists support coming soon to Twitter

Twitter is finalizing the support for groups, which they call Lists.  This is probably the most useful feature people have been requesting for ages.  If you currently follow a lot of people, web interface lacks pretty much any organizational functionality.  That’s one of the reasons for so many Twitter applications and third-party services.  But with this upcoming lists functionality, you’ll be able to group people into friends, colleagues, companies, and whatever else you’d want.

Twitter Lists

Also, see this blog post in Web Work Daily, which explains how publicly viewable list will be useful as a networking tool.

Daily tweets digest

  • PUBlic holidays are called so because you've got to visit a pub. #
  • Played a game of Quake 3 with the bots. It's as good as always. Though I find it hard to concentrate that much for the whole 20 minutes. #
  • Yey! It looks like Inglorioius Bastards are finally coming to Cyprus cinemas tomorrow. #
  • College Humor does a Guy Ritchie parody. Awesome stuff, but NSFW due to lots of swearing. #

Daily tweets digest

  • Google Docs seem to be having a problem with Print Preview and Export As. For at least 5 minutes already… #
  • Spammers seem to be taking Twitter over. Random strings made it into Trending Topics. I see H1N1 in there. :) #
  • For some reason my Twitter digest posts are lagging a few days behind. Must be the Twitter API issue. #
  • Public holidays are my favourite days in the office.Half day of non-disturbed work,a long lunch in the pub,brief visit back to office.Home. #