Google Wave hits developer preview

Google Wave – a new real-time collaboration tool from Google has entered the developer preview stage.  About 100,000 selected people got invited to see and use the system.  Some of those people are already posting early reviews and screenshot tours.  Here is one such review in Lifehacker blog.

Google Wave default view

I personally haven’t tried the thing yet.  But from all the reviews, screenshots, and videos of Google Wave that I’ve seen, I think that I will either totally love it or really hate it.  There are some really cool things in it, like integration of email, chat, and rich-text which is almost as rich as an application.  But on the other hand, some of the integrated tools are those that I depend upon on a daily basis, and which I am very sensitive to changes at.  Until now, from those other people, I can’t figure out if that integration and all those improvements are something that will fit my personal use pattern.

The time will tell.  Hopefully it will go into public better sooner than later…

P.S.: does anyone else think that the default view looks very much like MS Outlook?  Weird.

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