Fixing advanced search performance in RT3

It’s been bugging me for a while now that advanced search is extremely slow in our RT3.  I thought it was something related to the famous Perl bug, but apparently it wasn’t.  Then I was I waiting for Fedora 10 to come out, so that we’d upgrade our RT3 installation to version 3.8.  And that didn’t solve the problem either.  Finally, we got bored and annoyed enough by this problem to actually do soemthing about it.  The solution was, as often, just a Google search away.  Here is the quote from this discussion:

Faulty rights on a specific queue caused the owner list to be quite long, which RT didn’t like. (By mistake someone had given the own ticket right on the queue to all unprivileged users)

I went through all the queues to check the rights, and there it was – a test queue had “Own Ticket” assigned to “Everyone”.  Immediately, after remove this access levels things got back to normal.

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