Hosting downtime

None of the sites hosted on my sever were accessible for most of yesterday.  That was caused by some emergency maintenace done by the hosting company.  They didn’t warn me before, so I weren’t aware of it coming and for how long it would last.

This is the third downtime for this month.  Needless to say, I am not satisfied with the service no more.  Firstly, the downtimes are too frequent and too lengthy.  Secondly, total absense of notificatios – either before the downtime or after.  No explanations.  Nothing.

I’ve been with this hosting company for more than two years now and it was OK most of the time.  But now, once again, I am thinking about moving somewhere else.   Suggestions?

2 thoughts on “Hosting downtime”

  1. Maybe you can try GoDaddy :)

    Lets us know if you find a better company. EuroVPS and plesk sux.

    Know any good ecommerce cms with multilanguage support to recommend ?

  2. Savvar,

    I use GoDaddy for domain name hosting. For the web hosting – they are too far. Their servers are in the States, which means I’ll get around 250 ms pings to them. EuroVPS are in Europe. Which means that at the worst day, they are less then 180 ms.

    So far EuroVPS was pretty good. It’s just that this month they were overly unstable.

    As for the Plesk – I like it. It’s simple and straighforward. The only alternative I had any experience with is cPanel, but that thing is horrible in every sense of that word.

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