I Am Legend

I went to see “I Am Legend” with a few friends of mine.  Some of them saw the film before a few times, but decided that it was worth another view anyway.  That pushed my expectations up a bit.  But.  The film was indeed worth it.

Here are the things that I liked, in no particular order:

  • Will Smith.  He is a good actor.  It just that most of the times he has to do those rather simplistic roles.  But in this one, you can see the talent.  He does really good.
  • Visuals.  There are some really cool images in the film.  In fact, it’s the visuals that create the bigger part of this movie.  There is some excellent photography, which could have been easily transformed into still images and paintings.
  • Drama.  There seems to be no shortage of movies about viruses, zombies, and the end of the world.  However, so many of them fail to create the drama around the events.  Broken families, numerous victims, and blood rivers seem to be present everywhere.  But rarely they are used to create the horrific sense of sadness and pity.

Of course, there were a few things that sucked in this movie.  I’m not going to go through the details on these, since they aren’t worth it.  However I’d like to mention the zombies.  I think that the choice of rather cartoon-ish characters was wrong.  More “realism” in this area could have made the movie almost perfect.

I’d give it a strong 7.5 out of 10, and a recommendation to watch it, even if you are not a fan of the sci-fi end of the world horror.  It’s pretty good.

4 thoughts on “I Am Legend”

  1. I watched that movie on DVD. I was disappointed a bit. There is no action, no idea, no good play of actors. Just a big ad of Mustang, Schrek etc. I was really boring about that movie. But I read the book “I am legend”. It’s really amazing! But if the movie would have the same plot as the book it wouldn’t so popular as current version. In any case it’s good that you enjoyed that movie :)

  2. Michael,

    I don’t think it’s an action movie. There is some action in it, but it’s not the main part of it. Photography was pretty impressive. I guess you missed some of it, if you didn’t see it on a big screen…

    Regarding the acting, I disagree. I think Will Smith did really good. Especially in these scenes: when he was talking to the girl in the DVD rental shop; when he was choking the dog; and when it was meal time with that woman and a kid. A few others too, but these clearly showed that Will Smith can do drama, not only comedy and action.

    Maybe also the fact that you read the book changed your perception. I haven’t read it before, but now I’m interested. I hear it’s a bit different from the movie plot-wise…

  3. ha ha looking at your twitter “I am a legend” I thought you had suddenly become a legend and clicked looking forward to reading about some Russian/international newspaper with your photo ;) :D :lol:

    Yeah Will Smith is amazing, I recently watched Pursuit of Happyness (yeah old one I know) and it was just fantastic.

    Probably will check this one out sometime… going by my record it might be in 2011…

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