Christmas season and blog stats

I don’t know exactly how all those online shops do during the Christmas seasons (probably they are blooming), but I can show you what two weeks or so of Christmas and New Year’s holidays can do to one’s blog statistics.  Here is a screenshot of weekly stats for my blog:

Weekly stats - Christmas edition

X-axis shows a few last weeks of 2007 as well as a couple of weeks of 2008.  Y-axis shows the number of visits this blog had for each of those weeks.  A home-made red marker with a word “here” tries to bring your attention to the celebration of Christmas and New Year represented on this graph.

As much as it was expected, that was quite a dive I must say.  Reasons?  I’d say there are only two:

  1. Many people are busy with shopping, celebrations, travels, and other holiday matters.  Mostly off-line.
  2. Many companies closed their offices and that minimized many employees’ access to the Web.

Gladly, things are rushing back to normal.

2 thoughts on “Christmas season and blog stats”

  1. It would be interesting to see reverse statistics: your visits of the other people’s blogs and other websites around X-mas and NYr. Is it seasonal too?

  2. Well, there might be some correlation. Usually, the web is more silent during the Christmas holidays. At least those sites that I frequently visit. With less news and more time on my hands, I process my reading queue much faster. Then I need more. And then I go to web sites which I usually don’t have the time to visit. Dooce and Dilbert Blog are the ones that come to mind.

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