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I’m glad to say that this blog gets more comments these days than it ever had. This is probably due to several reasons – frequent posting on my side, improved web design of the site, recent comments list on the sidebar, email notifications for replies to your comments, etc. Most of these improvements were introduced via different WordPress plugins.

Today I am adding yet another one, which will, hopefully, bring in even more comments by making the web site a little bit more personal. I’ve installed the Easy Gravatars WordPress plugin, which shows the author’s picture near the comment. Pictures are taken from the web service, which was recently acquired by Automattic – the company making excellent WordPress software and running web service.

If you don’t have an account at Gravatar, no image will be shown near your comments. But if you do, your comments on this site, as well as on any other web site that uses will become more recognizable. So, I suggest you go register and upload the image of yours – it’s really simple, straightforward, and free.

So, let’s see faces now behind all those comments…

P.S. : I mentioned avatars before on this post.

7 thoughts on “See the face behind the comment”

  1. Nice plug-in,
    A face for the comments I see now. Especially good for the case of same names, or different login variations you can get in the comment line. Easier to navigate through images then nicknames :)

  2. Hi,
    Your blog’s design is much better, indeed.

    I’ve created an account at Gravatar and tried to upload a photo from my Flickr account with no success :( it says sorry but we don’t recognize your URL (?) it’s strange ‘coz all my photos are on various Flickr accounts and I never had such a problem before. Any suggestion?

    P.S. I’ve corrected my website URL

  3. Lana,

    how do you specify the URL to the Flickr image? Maybe the problem is that you give Gravatar the address of the Flickr page with the photo and not the photo itself?

    Right-click on your Flickr image and choose “Properties”. You’ll see the URL to the image itself, and not to the page where it is. Try using this URL in the Gravatar.

    If this doesn’t work, try downloading (Save Image As…) your image from Flickr, and then uploading it to Gravatar.

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