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  • Choice FM sux big time. They are putting the same music over and over and over and over and over… #
  • stepanov: will all that excellent free music out there… I don’t get it… it’s a freaking torture… #
  • When was the last time you guys used the "Sitemap" feature on some web site? #
  • @atw26: ok, thanks. So the issue is not to provide a Sitemap, but to fix the navigation, right? :) #
  • @atw26: btw, do you know about Google way? search for "something site:blah.com". Searches only on a single site. #
  • @atw26: what I am thinking about is – how can I provide a sitemap for my blog for example. 4,000+ pages there… #
  • I think that Sitemap is more the thing of the past, then of a future. Search, better navigation and plenty of content make Sitemaps obso … #
  • Actually, sitemap these days is decomposed to the list of categories, post archives, tag clouds, etc. #
  • @atw26: publishing is getting easier by the day. That brings us to the situation with a lot of content pretty fast. #
  • @atw26: so, pretty much everything will have a problem with sitemap. Like huge photoalbums are impossible to categorize #
  • The.Coolest.Ware.Ever! I wonder how airport security reacts to it. I want one. http://tinyurl.com/yr5oys <http://tinyurl.com/yr5oys> #

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